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Metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome includes a good amount of risk factors which are potential in causing health diseases related to your heart or cardiovascular system and diabetes mellitus .It includes a group of  situations or conditions which cause damages to the essential parts of our body.

metabolic syndrome.healthgenius15

This often includes some of the high risk factors for early life threatening health conditions like obesity ,high blood glucose levels,abdominal fat,high blood pressure etc which if not taken care of can lead to serious issues over time.

The following symptoms can classify a person having metabolic syndrome from others:

1. Obesity of males and females mostly around the belly region ad fat accumulation in the same.

2.high fasting blood sugar levels.

3.high amount of fat accumulation in the body.

Causes of Metabolic Syndrome:

metabolic syndrome healthgenius15

°  Obesity is one of the major reasons for such a condition hazardous to the body.

Having fat deposition in various areas of your body can lead to narrowing of the blood carrying veins and arteries of the human connective tissue component.

This may lead to high blood pressure i your body as the blood is unable to flow its normal course in its required pace thus the heart has to work extra and so does the pressure increases in the blood vessels.

Early diabetes can also be seen in such people. A disease one has to deal with for the rest of his/her life.

Some of the other factors include genetic background.which may lead to such conditions.

Having a sedentary lifestyle has made this generation face new challenges with keeping their bodies working fine.

Factors which can be controlled however are those such as diet and the food that you intake.

Treatment of metabolic syndrome:

Treatment includes the set of things which can be done for preventing metabolic syndome from taking control over your life.

The first being having a balanced diet.

metabolic syndrome healthgenius15

1.Having a diet that is low in sugar, fat, and sodium.

metabolic syndrome healthgenius15

2. Regular exercise

metabolic syndrome healthgenius15

3.Avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol intake

There are numerous apps nowadays that can help you maintain your daily or weekly workout /exercise goals.Keeping your heart mind and body healthy should be anyone's prime motive and focus in life. Where there is sound body,there is everything else.


metabolic syndrome healthgenius15

Healthy lifestyle is the key to prevent diseases like this and further more complications. 

Maintain a healthy diet and weight. Limit the salt and sodium in your food. Do regular exercisesand have loads of veggies!! 

Hence,Metabolic Syndrome is not that hard to cope up with. willingness is the key to all solutions. Keep your health above everything and watch yourself glow.

I hope this helps you. If so, let me know in the comments! 😊


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