Imagine someone coming to your life who is himself/ herself overburdened with the lemons life throws at them everyday. And you on the other half belong to the category who turns lemons into lemonades and enjoys the life!

You believe in living life at its best in every single moment.This person enters your life and sees for him/herself how appealing and gorgeous you are on the outside and soft on the inside, giving the other person all the happiness in the world. Suddenly,this person becomes the most satisfied person on earth. But its all just for a period of time.

You are like a full pound cake. They cut the cake,have that one piece,judge you all inside out ,tends to decide his/her life around you and eventually they are done devouring the delicious mess you are,they leave.
While you on the other hand, give. Because you are a giver. You give and give but somehow its not enough. Its never enough. You end up thinking you are a loser.

But you are not!

We have to realize this that some people enter your life only to teach us how much to give. Their is nothing wrong with being the provider.The provider of boundless love,safety,assurance,sense of security,trust. Its a way of living.A lifestyle.

Being a giver means you cannot undo this quality of yours. Its not something you control. Your emotions are built that way. You may not believe but yes you are beautiful for being so.

The problem appears when you are the sole provider in the relationship.Which happens.We become so indulged in being there for them that we forget to realize we too have emotional needs.

If too much of being a giver troubles you on the inside then don't do it. Don't do it for anyone else. At the end of the day you have to live with yourself .For the rest of your life.Don't forget to give some love to yourself. <3
I wish you all the very best so that you realize your worth more than anyone else! :)


  1. They say people come into your life for a reason season or purpose it's up to us to figure it out, we have to be ever so careful who we choose to let in. This was a good read, thanks for sharing

  2. even people dislike you for no reason, or any circumstances, just remember to always be a giver but dont be too naive,, ☺️☺️ nyway this article very interesting

  3. Wow... what a lovely content 👌

  4. Nice article, give a wonderful informative about mind ,body & soul.thanx for sharing this .

  5. I felt like I was reading my last 7,8 years of life as being a giver due to habit of overthinking. Till date, no one has understood me this close. The para in red letters has actually helped me as a solution from my self-doubt depression battling societal expectations every single day. The best part of this blog it says right into my face that its okay to be a giver and an thinker (nothing is over until judged). Huge thanks to you Neha, you are a healer. Please keep posting such beautiful and unique blogs.

  6. Well written and you described everything,good job


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